Service Areas for Direct Couriers Melbourne

We are strategically placed in order to provide our services to the best of our abilities.
We Cover, Melbourne to Melbourne, Melbourne to Gippsland, and Mornington to Peninsula.
Check below for further information on the Major Towns we have serviced.

Major Towns Serviced

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All our warehouses, distribution points, etc. are strategically located to optimize efficiency and speed for Melbourne direct couriers. We cover across Melbourne, Melbourne to Gippsland, and Mornington to Peninsula. Check below for further information on the Major Towns we have serviced.

Safe and Speedy Direct Couriers Melbourne

Need to get your courier delivered immediately? Our areas of service are constantly expanding giving us the flexibility to deliver your goods at cost-effective rates.

With innovative technology and systemized coordination, AUZ Country Carriers offer business time-saving and efficient logistic solutions for Melbourne direct couriers enabling our clients to streamline their operations with time and money saving services including fulfilment, warehousing, distribution, pick and pack courier, etc.

With our Express Same Day Melbourne Courier, we have become the first choice amongst Victoria transport companies for businesses needing their goods couriered within the same day. AUZ Country Carriers offers customized rates for businesses seeking direct couriers in Melbourne suiting individual preferences, requirements and due deadlines. With our team always on the lookout for your cargo, you have nothing to worry about once you send us your goods. We take care of each and every aspect including procurement and order fulfilment.

Same Day Melbourne Courier also provides you with the option to track the location of your goods with advanced live GPS tracking installed in all our vehicles. Our dispatch room maintains constant two-way communication with our drivers enabling you to stay updated on the location and status of your courier at all times. We constantly upgrade our systems to adopt the latest technological advances suited for trucking companies in order to provide our customers with the best experience possible.

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The Right Choice for Victoria Transport Companies

With 20+ years of experience as a reputed player amongst Victoria Transport Companies, AUZ Country Carriers boasts of a clientele of businesses, some with whom we have worked over many years now and have built long-term work relationships fuelled by our commitment and dedication towards helping their business efforts prosper.

Our valued local and regional customers seek our transport and logistics services across Melbourne enabling us to service a majority of areas in Victoria including Gippsland, Mildura, Frankston, Airport West, etc.

Choose the Right Provider from Victoria Transport Companies

End-to-End Solution – Mildura Transport Companies

Since our inception in 1998, Auz Country Carriers has been a favourite amongst Mildura transport companies. Our consistency in delivering high quality results for all our clients has further enabled us to become a reputed logistics provider amongst Victoria transport companies.

Businesses seeking freight forwarder and distribution solutions from Mildura transport companies have found Auz Country Carriers as a true one-stop shop for all transport and logistics requirements. The demand for logistical support from Mildura transport companies has risen sharply over the recent years. Auz Country Carriers offers our Mildura clients the ability to integrate with a mainstream delivery and transport network to reach more customers across the region.

Auz Country Carriers connects our customers In Mildura to an expansive market with an end-to-end solution with all transport and logistics services for general freight ranging from road transport to third party logistics (3PL). By opting for Auz Country Carriers for all transport and logistic solutions companies seek from Mildura transport companies, businesses across Mildura have seen a massive drop in costs relating to warehousing and distribution. As a services provider amongst Mildura transport companies, we have succeeded in creating a bridge to enable safer and faster direct couriers around Melbourne.

Direct Couriers Melbourne – Gippsland Transport Companies

Across Gippsland, where a majority of our customer base currently resides, we identified a gap in the market to provide an end-to-end solution which encompassed all transport & logistics service types for general freight connecting back into Gippsland i.e., road transport, easy access to an Australia wide transport network, International Freight, & Third-Party Logistics (3PL) – Storage, Warehousing & Distribution.

Many established Victoria transport companies on-forward into regional country areas which often costs customers more. Auz Country Carriers has inverted the traditional business model by creating an integrated mainstream network to enable safer and faster Melbourne direct couriers.

Our on-forwarder model focuses on providing national transport & logistics links out of & into the Gippsland region. After picking up from, or prior to delivering to our customers in Gippsland, we work by consolidating our customers’ consignments at our Melbourne depot before on-forwarding Australia wide through our partnerships with some of the larger national carriers.

Through this on-forwarded transportation consolidation model, we have been able to reduce some of our small to medium size Gippsland regional customer’s consignment costs by up to between 60-70%. Thus, it is in this way that our small and medium-sized Gippsland regional customers can still receive the benefits of transportation consolidation across a national network but maintain the specialized care & attention from a local business such as AUZ Country.