Third Party Logistic (3PL)

Specialized in providing procurement, Order Fulfillment, Storage, and Transport services.

Safe, Swift, Secure Third-Party Logistics Company in Melbourne

Leading logistics company in Melbourne specialized in providing Procurement, Order Fulfilment, Storage, and Transport Services

Specialized in providing a range of distribution, storage, transport and third-party fulfilment services in Melbourne.

Benefits of Third-Party Logistics Melbourne (3PL)

Outsourcing Third-Party Logistics Melbourne (3PL) is key for businesses aiming for peak profitability and for organizations focusing upon expansion into newer markets. As a leading logistics company in Melbourne, AUZ Country Carriers provides a one-stop solution for businesses requiring all areas of service from warehousing to distribution. Partnering with AUZ Country Carriers for your Melbourne logistics requirements brings about a variety of benefits for your business in both the short and long-term which includes:

  • Cost Reduction – We offer the best rates in the market for repeat/bulk daily or weekly deliveries for all your Melbourne logistics requirements leaving you with ample time and money to invest in other key sectors of your business.
  • Lower Risk – Attributed to our 20+ years of service as a logistics company in Melbourne, we offer the safest passage for Melbourne logistics aiming to help you mitigate the possibility of risk with accompanying services such as transport monitoring, insurance policies, and customs services.
  • Increased Focus on Primary Business Operations – Leave all your Melbourne third party fulfilment operations to us so you can set your focus on expanding your business endeavours.
  • Testing newer markets – Expansion can be a nightmare for most businesses. With AUZ Country Carriers, you can enter a new market with ease and confidence propelled by our efficient work systems and logistic freight solutions, methodical freight and trucking services, dedicated staff, and extensive network of contacts Australia wide making us the best choice when you for a logistics company in Melbourne.
  • Meeting with demand accordingly – Tackle fluctuating demand for your product with ease by managing through peak demands with top quality Melbourne logistics.


Our Melbourne Logistic Freight Solutions

Specialized in providing a range of distribution, storage, transport, fulfilment services and logistic freight solutions to customers.

We have two fully secured multi-user warehouses in Dandenong South and Morwell. Your goods are in the safest hands with our expert team of professionals. Our warehouses are fully equipped for storage, delivery, pick and pack courier, distribution, etc. enabling us to provide a fully customized third-party logistics solution for your business.

Our transport and logistics services include:

  • Receive and check off stock against shipping documentation
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Management
  • Pick and pack courier
  • Distribution

With a vast network of Melbourne logistics and transport providers, you are assured to receive a fully customized and cost-effective third-party logistics (3PL) solution from us. Outsourcing your operations with us not only reduces your overheads massively but also takes away the stress of running large scale logistic functions. Our Melbourne logistics model itself is based on a cost-effective solution in comparison to alternate options which often costs our customers more.

Our team of dedicated professionals will ensure utmost safety for your goods and handle every logistic expertise you require with ease and confidence. Our services such as warehousing, inventory management, pick and pack courier, and distribution are fully customized as a one-stop shop solution for Melbourne third party fulfilment. This allows our customers to specify and requirements and preferences for their goods.

We offer competitive and affordable rates for both long and short-term storage requirements. Our robust warehouse management system is built to provide real-time information for inventory control and regular stock checks enabling you to be updated on the movement and location of your stock.


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To stay at a competitive edge and still maintain the highest standard of quality is a tedious task for which you must align with a trusted Melbourne third party fulfilment partner. Equipped with top quality logistic freight solutions, outstanding company reputation and thousands of happy customers, AUZ Country Carriers makes your decision easier!

Our team of trained professionals are dedicated to giving you top notch logistic freight solutions every time. As supporters of our valued local community, we wish to wholeheartedly contribute to growing business endeavours around us by consistently delivering excellent Melbourne logistics and transport solutions.

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