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We are amongst the leading freight companies in the region specialized in
transport and logistics services providing next day business deliveries across
Melbourne, Gippsland and beyond.

With over 75 years of combined industry and management experience amongst freight companies, we are specialists in
road transportation, third party logistics, pick and pack courier and supply chain solutions. Our focus as one of the leading trucking companies is
providing a one-stop solution for all transport and logistics requirements.

Road Transport and Trucking Companies

Next Business Day Deliveries across Melbourne, Gippsland & Beyond

We have handled next day business deliveries across Melbourne, Gippsland and Beyond for over 20 years, while offering the perfect individual and economic solution for you based on the weight of your goods as well as the volume.

As the first choice for local customers seeking express freight companies, Auz Country Carriers manages your entire workload from loading to unloading, warehousing, pick and pack courier, etc. We strive to become a one-stop solution providing you all services related to freight companies and trucking companies all under one roof.

Making bookings for freight, and obtaining reporting on consignments or payments is easy through our secure online web portal.

We can also accept bookings over the phone or via e-mail through our dedicated customer service team.

Our drivers are highly experienced and are always friendly, as is our entire team who are dedicated to providing the best experience for our customers.

Third Party Logistic (3PL) - Secure Distribution, Warehousing, Fulfilment, Pick and Pack Courier Services, etc.

Outsourcing Third Party Logistics Melbourne (3PL) is key for businesses aiming to peak profitability and for organizations focusing upon expansion into newer markets or territories. Local producers continuously seek express freight companies to deliver their packages on time and in perfect condition. At Auz Country Carriers, we offer the best of freight companies and trucking companies all under one roof.

With two fully secured warehouses in Dandenong South and Morwell fully equipped for storage, delivery, pick and pack courier, distribution, etc. and solid long-term relationships with a vast network of transport and logistics providers, AUZ Country Carriers can provide a fully customized third-party logistics (3PL) solution for any size business. Our clientele require top quality logistic solutions range from importers, exporters and domestic producers pursuing effective distribution of the goods in Melbourne. We service businesses of all sizes, but our stronghold remains in supporting small to medium sized businesses that require logistic momentum from freight companies and trucking companies.

Our services include receiving and checking of stock against shipping documentation, warehousing, pick and pack courier, and distribution.

We provide affordable and competitive rates on both short and long-term storage requirements.

Through our Warehouse Management System, we can provide inventory control and regular stock takes and reporting.

Choosing the right provider from all the freight companies and trucking companies in Victoria may be a tedious task for most. However, AUZ Country Carriers make it an easy choice for you to make by sheltering all key aspects relating to freight and trucking companies under one roof. By providing all key services from warehousing to distribution, AUZ Country Carriers is truly a one-stop shop for third party fulfilment in Melbourne.

On Forwarding

Having established solid long-term relationships with an expansive network of transport and logistics providers Australia wide, AUZ Country Carriers can provide a fully customized third-party logistics (3PL) solution giving our customers the best of freight and trucking companies. Our freight specialists will work with you continuously to ensure your delivery meets all your preferences, requirements and deadlines. We offer everything from road transport to 3PL becoming a one-stop shop for customers requiring the assistance of freight and trucking companies.

Industries requiring daily trucking companies’ services such as farming, medical equipment and manufacturing seek the best provider amongst the many freight companies. At Auz Country Carriers, we continually strive to be the first choice for all our valued local and regional customers seeking freight companies’ support. Our long-running relationships with most of our clients who have used our services for over 20 years confirm our dedication in ensuring safe delivery of packages. We provide daily on forwarding services to importers, exporters and domestic businesses of all kinds and sizes. While most of our customers are part of the steel and engineering industries, our diverse clientele consists of industries such as agriculture, retail and medical equipment.

Our purchasing power and advanced technological systems lead to competitive rates, quick transit, and a better view of your shipment which enhances supply chain performance.

Aligning with our vision of being a one-stop transport provider for our clients requiring freight companies’ services, we now have the capability to provide a seamless experience for transporting goods all across the country via a technologically advanced and efficient freight forwarder and distribution system.

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