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Handling next business day deliveries across Melbourne, Gippsland, and Beyond for over 20 years, while offering individual and economic solutions based on the weight of your goods as well as the volume.

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Handling next day business deliveries across Melbourne, Gippsland and beyond for over 20 years as a trusted provider amongst Dandenong transport companies.

As Freight Specialists, we offer customized solutions to suit your business reliably and professionally to enable you to move your goods at ease.

Our Services as Freight Specialists

Next Business Day Deliveries across Melbourne, Gippsland & beyond by experienced freight specialists.

No matter the size of your goods, Auz Country Carriers offers individual and flexible transport solutions for groupage, freight consolidation, part and full truck loads. You can rely on us for individual route planning to charted and uncharted destinations. Besides, we offer a wide range of accompanying services, such as transport monitoring, insurance policies, and customs services, all in line with your requirements.

With a team of trained freight specialists with educated backgrounds in logistics and transport, we offer the safest and quickest passage for your goods to reach their destination. We guarantee a highly secure and systemic transition for your goods from warehouse to distribution having streamlined our operations by adopting the latest technology:

  • Safety: We have incorporated live GPS trackers on all our vehicles, and our dispatch room maintains constant two-way communication with our drivers at all times.
  • A powerful platform to turbocharge your business: Making bookings and obtaining reporting on consignments or payments is easy through our secure online web portal.
  • Trusted, Secure, and 360-degree visibility: POD’s are updated regularly in the system as soon as they become available, so you are easily able to view and retrieve POD’s, as well as manage your bookings online using our track and trace system.

As a key participant amongst Dandenong transport companies for over 20 years, we have established a strong network of providers to offer our customers customized and cost-effective solutions for all their logistics and transport requirements. Our vast network of logistic and transport providers Australia wide guarantee our customers the safest route to their destinations.

We have an experienced fleet of drivers here at Auz Country Carriers who will prioritize the safety of your courier and ensure timely delivery. Our dedicated customer service team consists of highly trained freight specialists. They will remain in constant communication with both our drivers and our clients to accommodate any specific preferences or requirements that may arise. If you’re moving heavy material, it is advisable to select a trustworthy logistics provider. At Auz Country Carriers, we offer skilled and experienced freight specialists who will handle your packages with utmost care. Our warehouses in Dandenong South and Morwell are facilitated with the highest level of safety standards to keep your goods secure.


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Trusted providers are essential for the quality transportation of your goods. As confirmed by our clients, AUZ Country Carriers continue to deliver excellence as the finest freight specialists amongst Dandenong transport companies. By helping you move your goods across locations, we hope to fully contribute to your growing business endeavors and remain a constant participant in your transportation and logistics activities.

As a one-stop shop for all your transport and logistic requirements, AUZ Country Carriers aims to leverage your business opportunities by providing a seamless transition from storage to distribution. With over 20 years of experience amongst Dandenong transport companies, we have provided top quality logistics and transport solutions for our customers. Powered by a dedicated team of freight specialists in every department, Auz Country Carriers guarantee the gold standard of diligence and commitment towards ensuring consumer satisfaction.

We have made a steady effort over the years to support our valued local and regional customers requiring logistical momentum and flexibility from Dandenong transport companies. This has gifted us a clientele of businesses, some of whom we have shared working relationships with for over two decades. Our long-lasting work relationships with all clients and partners alike can be attributed to a conscious effort in maintaining integrity, a positive work environment and top quality work standards as freight specialists.

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