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Systemized coordination amid an extensive network of freight forwarder and distribution companies to provide a seamless experience for our customers.

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The first choice for all your transport and logistic requirements giving you the best of storage and distribution companies.

Storage, Warehousing and Distribution companies. We have facilities with two fully secured warehouses: one in Dandenong South and the other in Morwell fully equipped for storage, delivery, pick and pack courier, distribution, etc.

Having established solid long-term relationships with a vast network of transport and logistics providers, AUZ Country Carriers can provide a fully customised third-party logistics (3PL) solution giving our customers the best of storage and distribution companies. We offer everything from warehousing to distribution becoming a one-stop shop for customers requiring the assistance of freight forwarder and distribution companies.

We currently service an extensive range of clients in industries as diverse as farming, medical equipment, manufacturing, retail, and scientific-based companies. Some of our clients requiring assistance from distribution companies range from firms engaged in painting, bathroom, flooring, and roofing products. Auz Country Carriers has also proved itself as a trustworthy partner for businesses wishing to expand into newer markets such as Victoria. We offer new entrants the logistic momentum and flexibility they require from distribution companies.

We are now able to transport goods throughout Australia and are aiming to continually scale up to cater to all our customer needs becoming a client favourite amongst storage and distribution companies.


First Choice for Freight Forwarding and Distribution Companies Melbourne

Choosing the right freight forwarder for your company is a crucial first step in ensuring the success of your business or project and this depends on several factors. At AUZ Country Carriers, we not only aim to enhance the consumer experience but also work on maintaining long-term partnerships with all our clients. When selecting a freight forwarder whom you are hoping to work frequently with over the coming years, it’s essential to look at factors such as:

  • The available services for all your needs – Customers may have varying degrees of requirements pertaining to their package or cargo (weight, size, dimensions, etc.) and the mode of distribution. AUZ Country Carriers being a one-stop shop for businesses requiring transport and logistic assistance guarantees the easiest form of freight and distribution support. We accommodate all kinds of required service including storage, distribution, pick and pack courier, fulfilment services, etc. enabling us to become your first and most convenient choice for all things logistic.
  • Alignment with your timeline – Timely and arrival of goods is an integral aspect for all businesses alike. At Auz Country Carriers, we make it our duty to deliver your goods within the fixed time period to ensure maximum opportunity for our customers. With our Same Day Melbourne Courier model, customers have found us to be the most reliable provider amongst distribution companies for urgent delivery of stock. With the inclusion of live GPS tracking in all our systems and a dedicated customer service team to solve any of your possible concerns amongst a multitude of other components, we strive to ensure the timely arrival of your goods, every single time.
  • Business network of contact – Since our inception in 1998, we have maintained solid long-term relationships with an extensive network of transport providers to on-forward all across Australia for all your needs freight and trucking. Our strong working relationships with both domestic and international contacts is guaranteed to ensure your smooth sailing into a new territory.


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Being champions of customer service, we value the feedback received from our clients. We have established long-term relationships with a wide network of transport providers to on-forward Australia-wide becoming your first choice for freight forwarder and distribution companies.

Aligning with our vision of being a one-stop transport provider for our clients requiring freight forwarder services, we have the capability to provide a seamless experience for transporting goods all across the country via a technologically advanced and efficient distribution system. We constantly invest in newer technology to integrate into our delivery systems with the aim of enhancing the consumer experience and getting your goods delivered much quicker!

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