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How Utilises Transportation Help Small Businesses

In a recent blog by Adam Robinson, Cerasis, he outlines 6 benefits to transportation consolidation programs & how they can help to reduce overall freight spend

Auz Country Carriers Customer Charity Donations

With the closure of City Life in Frankston in June, a charity which provided thousands of meals to homeless and disadvantaged in the local community annually[i], Community Support Frankston (CSF) has seen a notable increase in the number of these people seeking food and local support services over the past two months. AUZ Country Carriers… View Article

Charity & CSF Donation Updates

It’s been a little while since our last update, but our amazing customers haven’t stopped the donations flowing for our partner charity Community Support Frankston (CSF).   Here are some pics from over the past few months of some of the huge donations we’ve received & our friendly partners at CSF unpacking stock in time… View Article

AUZ Country Carriers Customer Update

Changes to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws are being introduced in mid-2018. The changes aim to complement heavy vehicle and national workplace safety laws, and place a positive duty of care on all heavy vehicle supply chain parties.

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