In a recent blog by Adam Robinson, Cerasis, he outlines 6 benefits to transportation consolidation programs & how they can help to reduce overall freight spend Robinson states that a transportation consolidation program can help reduce shipping costs & time constraints, lower emissions & shipping risk, enable better control over a shipment, & improve tracking & forecasting of shipments & delivery dates. By eliminating wasted space and inefficiencies in transporting goods from point A to point B, a transportation consolidation program works by seeking “to eliminate partially-filled full truckloads by taking advantage of all existing vehicles.”

While a large company with a fleet of vehicles across its’ own internal network could benefit largely through a transportation consolidation program that Robinson outlines, for small to medium size businesses where this option is unavailable, partnering with a third party logistics provider (3PL) could enable much of the same benefits that a larger corporation could reap from transportation consolidation.

AUZ Country Carriers focuses on trying to maximise transportation consolidation options, particularly for our small to medium size customers. Across Gippsland, where the majority of our customer base currently resides, we identified a gap in the market to provide an end-to-end solution which encompassed all transport & logistics service types for general freight connecting back into Gippsland ie. road transport, easy access to an Australia wide transport network, International Freight, & Third Party Logistics (3PL) – Storage, Warehousing & Distribution.

Whilst many of the larger National Road Transport Companies on-forward into the regional country areas, often costing country customers more, AUZ Country have inverted this traditional business model.

Our on-forwarder model focuses on providing national transport & logistics links out of & into the Gippsland region. After picking up from, or prior to delivering to our customers in Gippsland, we work by consolidating our customers’ consignments at our Melbourne depot before on-forwarding Australia wide through our partnerships with some of the larger national carriers.

National carrier rates are generally much more competitive coming out of a Melbourne metropolitan area rather than a regional area. Once freight arrives back at our depot from interstate, we also once again consolidate the Interstate deliveries with our standard deliveries going back into Gippsland.

Through this on-forwarded transportation consolidation model, we have been able to reduce some of our small to medium size Gippsland regional customer’s consignment costs by up to between 60-70%. Thus, it is in this way that our small and medium sized Gippsland regional customers can still receive the benefits of transportation consolidation across a National network, but maintain the specialised care & attention from a local business such as AUZ Country.

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