Changes to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws are being introduced in mid-2018. The changes aim to complement heavy vehicle and national workplace safety laws, and place a positive duty of care on all heavy vehicle supply chain parties.


The CoR laws mean that any party in the chain who has influence over the transport activity is responsible for safety on the road.


As of mid-2018, the below penalties will apply to offenders breaching the CoR:


  • Category 3 – breaches safety duty • $50,000 Individual; $500,000 Corporation
  • Category 2 – risk of death/injury • $150,000 Individual; $1.5m Corporation
  • Category 1 – recklessness • 5 years imprisonment, $300,000 Individual • $3m Corporation


It is extremely important that as a consignor and/or consignee, that all freight details are obtained prior to making a booking and that full consideration for the driver’s safety is recognized and adhered to whilst following OH&S policies during loading and unloading a vehicle.


This also includes declaring Dangerous Goods; it is essential that all necessary paperwork be provided to the driver and ensuring that adequate research has been done prior to making the booking so that there is no uncertainty with Dangerous Goods compatibility.


Effective immediately, Auz Country Carriers reserves the right to refuse collection or make delivery if the safety of the driver and others involved is put at risk.


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